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Dr Jim Alderete

2820 Daubenbiss Ave • Soquel • CA • 95073


Cosmetic, Family & General Dentistry offered at our newly remodeled office.

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We use the latest dental technologies to ensure you have a comfortable dental experience.

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Mary Jo, RDH; Nancy, RDH; Kathy, RDH; Dr Alderete, DDS; Sonya, RDA; Silvia, RDA; Maria, RDA; Not pictured, Kendall, RDH

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 Dentistry • Cosmetic • General • Family 

Dr Alderete


Dr James "Jim" Alderete, BS, DDS, was born and raised in Santa Clara, attended Bellarmine College Prep, UC Santa Barbara, and finally the University of the Pacific Dental School. Dr Alderete served as an active duty Dental Officer in the US Navy since his UOP graduation in 2006. He completed a one-year residency program in General Dentistry at Camp Pendleton Hospital before successive tours in Guam and Pearl Harbor. As a Navy dentist, he has practiced dentistry in a variety of settings where he gained the experience and expertise to provide quality dental care at the highest level. Dr Alderete has returned to the Santa Cruz community - and the surf - he has enjoyed since childhood.



  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Monterey Bay Dental Society
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